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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorneys are similar to maze designers. Great maze designers will lead their challengers though the paths they lay out, into the dead end traps they predicted and finally out the exact exit they intended. Like the best maze designers, the best civil attorneys are able understand all the possible strategies challengers will think of. Then lead their opponents through the paths they lay out and finally out the exit they intended all along. Great Litigators excel at strategic thinking, have sharp minds, and use their quick wits to ensure their opposition has lost before the exit is ever seen.

Sherwood Boutique Litigation, PLC was founded by Cynthia Sherwood in 2010. Until 2018 SBL was 100% referral based. After much debate, we have decided to grow the practice. Now SBL’s civil attorney services are open to the public. Our Nashville civil litigation attorneys handle civil law suits originating from criminal allegations, personal injury, real estate disputes, contract disputes and more.

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Our fees for all personal injury cases are contingency based. We only get paid when you do!  Put Us To Work For You Hiring us means you’re not aiming for a fast settlement. It means you want us to put in the work necessary to get you everything you deserve and more! …

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SBL's Custom Legal Solutions

Custom Legal Solutions | Nashville

Custom Legal Solutions | SBL Law Firm SBL has the resources and connections to handle any situation. Talk to your litigation attorney about media handling, 24/7 legal response services, building custom legal teams, private investigators, and cleaning digital records. Our litigation attorneys also offer personal injury lawyer services and victim lawyer services.    High Profile Individual …

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TN Witness and Victim Lawyer

Witness & Victim Lawyer Nashville

Victim Lawyer Because the court system is so complex and overwhelming at times, we frequently represent victims and witnesses of crimes.  We are here to ensure witness and victim’s rights are fully protected and defended. This important legal service is often not considered by many victims and witnesses.  However, we know from our experience that …

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