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Sam Wright | Criminal Lawyer & Civil Litigator

Nashville Criminal Lawyer Sam Wright

Sam joined Sherwood Boutique Litigation in 2020. Before joining our team, Sam worked for the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, where he exclusively handled plaintiff personal injury cases. We first met Sam when Rocky hired us to work alongside his team to represent Rocky for his own personal injury case against Hughes and Coleman. Sam’s exceptional attention to detail and impressive legal research and writing skills stood out to us immediately. That is why it was a no-brainer to bring him on board when he became available.

Sam brings years of civil litigation experience to our Nashville law firm. While his most recent litigation experience comes from the plaintiff’s personal injury world, Sam began his journey as a lawyer representing personal injury defendants. His time representing both plaintiffs and defendants equips him with a valuable perspective when representing clients at Sherwood Boutique Litigation. Since joining Sherwood, Sam now has experience in criminal defense in state and federal courts, juvenile court matters, Orders of Protection, DCS investigations, diverse types of civil litigation, and has continued with some personal injury work.

A graduate of the University of Memphis School of Law, Sam was also a member of the University of Memphis Law Review—the law school’s academic journal on all things legal. His experience there brings a very technical and academic component to his practice that is akin to the firm’s ordinary practice and enjoyed by state and federal courts. Sam describes himself as a professional problem-solver in the practice of law. Whether the issue is simple and straightforward or long and complex, he is passionate about finding the solution for every client.

Sam is admitted to practice in Tennessee and is a member of the Nashville Bar Association.