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“Cynthia Tells Your Story.”

Cynthia tells your story. The truth. Davis Griffin is passionate about helping you tell your story. He took pain staking time and energy to contact everyone who knew my situation. It was a win for all and a legal and emotional help to me. Thank you with all my heart

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“She Got All The Charges Dropped”

Cynthia Sherwood was very helpful in two cases pending against me. I was being charged with a felony for burglary, and a misdemeanor for assaulting a police officer. I was blasted on the local news for this and figured I was going jail. I used Cynthia on a prior charge

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Brilliant lady, you can’t get a better criminal defense attorney, well worth every penny, she is excellent. (Source:

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The Best Defense Attorney In Nashville

Ms. Sherwood has the knowledge and courtroom experience that gives her clients the upper hand in ANY case. My recommendation to friends and family has always been Ms. Sherwood. She is, hands down, the best defense attorney in Nashville! (Source: and

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Highly recommend!!

Mr. Griffin helped us through an extremely tough and stressful situation and got us the results we were hoping for. We highly recommend him. He was compassionate, patient and very knowledgeable through the entire process. 

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Works For You Passionately

He took painstaking time to review every document of over 100 pages. Combed through to find witnesses to support my case. This was a ver important administrative hearing that was undeniable yet we came out with a good win. I see opportunities I never have seen before. Thank you Davis

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…Cynthia Sherwood is my advocate, my lawyer, and my friend. She cares about me as a human being and gave her entire heart, mind, and soul to my case. When I was found innocent, I screamed and cried with such joy, thanking God that He led me to Cynthia Sherwood. She saved my life, and if you make the decision to hire her when you’re in a jam, she just might save yours too.
-Ken N.

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