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Civil Litigation Attorneys are similar to maze designers. Great maze designers will lead their challengers though the paths they lay out, into the dead end traps they predicted and finally out the exact exit they intended. Like the best maze designers, the best civil attorneys are able understand all the possible strategies challengers will think of. Then lead their opponents through the paths they lay out and finally out the exit they intended all along. Great Litigators excel at strategic thinking, have sharp minds, and use their quick wits to ensure their opposition has lost before the exit is ever seen.… read more >

Sherwood Boutique Litigation, PLC was founded by Cynthia Sherwood in 2010. Until 2018 SBL was 100% referral based. After much debate, we have decided to grow the practice. Now SBL’s civil attorney services are open to the public. Our Nashville civil litigation attorneys handle civil law suits originating from criminal allegations, personal injury, real estate disputes, contract disputes and more.

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…Cynthia Sherwood is my advocate, my lawyer, and my friend. She cares about me as a human being and gave her entire heart, mind, and soul to my case. When I was found innocent, I screamed and cried with such joy, thanking God that He led me to Cynthia Sherwood. She saved my life, and if you make the decision to hire her when you’re in a jam, she just might save yours too.

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