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Davis Griffin, was extremely helpful in stopping harassing phone calls that were part of a scam. The scammers were aggressive, but after a few phone calls with Davis they realized they’d met their match. Within 8 hours of hiring Sherwood Boutique Litigation, the harassing calls stopped.

David R.

Patricia R.



Zach L.

Mike S.

Shannon G.

Barbara M.

Lindsey B.

Greg D.

M.J. B.

Davis and Cynthia took really good care of my daughter they treated her as if she was one of there own they took our case and got her home and with the best plea. I’d recommend this firm to any one with a child that needs to be helped cause these two will treat u like family and protect u to the fullest.

Josh D.

I consulted with and hired Attorney Griffin to take my case and help me obtain an order of protection. My case involved relatively novel aspects in that there was not significant precedent in law to help argue my case. Attorney Griffin advocated for me as a client during a difficult time. I would trust him and his firm to do so again.


Davis Griffin was detailed, prepared, and determined to achieve our goals in the case against us. I feel confident in Mr. Griffin and Sherwood Boutique Litigation. Thanks for all your hard work in making sure we went home with a W!

Landon J.

Davis was in my corner since day one. I was sued by my former university and it was an extremely stressful time. Not only is Mr.Griffin extremely competent, but he truly cared about the outcome of my case- sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. He was sensitive to my financial situation and did everything he could to keep my costs down. Davis is efficient, patient, and honest- if you need someone to fight for you, he’s the man.


When I started my case with Davis, I didn’t have that much hope. But he did the magic work like always. He was following up every day. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney. I will work with him in any future case, he earned my trust 100%.


Cynyhia Sherwood and the whole firm at Sherwood Boutique Litigation have helped me through the worst times in life, Whether it was business or personal issues . I’ve been with them for so long that they are considered my family and five stars is a understatement. The best in Nashville to get you out of whatever troubles you have.


She saved my life! …a few times. Once as an adult. 3 or 4 times as a juvenile & all dismissed or expunged! I know my juvy record was clear because when I joined the military, I had an extensive background check for top security clearance and they came up with nada. All juvy charges were minor ones mostly related to drinking underage and fake IDs.

BUT for the adult incident, I honestly thought my life was done and over with. Consequences were BAD…really bad. I was guilty AND they had the evidence to prove it. I really considered fleeing the country…If I didn’t have Cynthia, I probably would have. But I did have her and she went about defending me with methodical precision. One domino after the next. And slowly but surely my options looked better and better. It took a looong time but at the end of the day she hit home.

No supervised probation, no jail time, no snitching, no fines, no anything. All I had to do was not get arrested for few years and it would go away. Well it’s been a few years now and I’m 100% free and clear. My only consequences were the horrific anxiety I experienced and the money it took to defend me, which I’d gladly pay again and again and again.

I just want to thank Cynthia. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me! You are a Super Human with superhuman powers. Nobody could have done what you did and I believe that with every fiber of my being. You gave me a second chance at life and I will be forever grateful!


You need this law firm on your side! Miss Sherwood provided me an absolute topnotch legal representation. I reached out to her on a domestic matter which included a temporary order of protection falsely obtained against me that kept me away from my child. She took charge of the situation from the very first meeting, followed the facts of the case, and was very empathetic and understanding. The order was dismissed after the first hearing, dismissal was appealed and Miss Sherwood successfully defended me again, the appeal was dismissed. Brooke and Jaime were amazing and very personable as well. I am happy with their work and I highly recommend this law firm for your legal needs.


I hired Cynthia Sherwood to represent me for an Order of Protection case. Due to the complicated nature of the case, it required a lot of her time for preparation on short notice. Cynthia jumped right in and went to work preparing for defense. We had hundreds of pages of evidence. Cynthia combed through every page of evidence, and had the PROOF that I was innocent ready to go when we got to court.

On my court date, there was so much evidence that Cynthia practically had to back the truck up to the courthouse to unload all of it. With the overwhelming amount of evidence that Cynthia had prepared for court, she was able to present the court with an argument that ultimately proved the petitioner was a compulsive liar, and confirmed my innocence. Cynthia was a bulldog in the courtroom. Within moments of beginning her cross-examination of the petitioner I already knew with confidence that I would win the case. Cynthia knew exactly the right questions to ask while both the petitioner and myself were on the witness stand.

While at the courthouse, I noticed that Cynthia is very well connected in the legal community. Lawyers and judges recognized her and spoke to her with a great deal of respect.

Cynthia Sherwood did all of this work representing me for a very fair flat rate fee. Cynthia never complained about all of the hours it took to prepare for court, and never once tried to charge any additional fees. I know that Cynthia had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process.

Cody B.

Hiring Cynthia was the best decision I could have made when I was going through an order of protection case with my partner. I was very anxious and distraught and she was very reassuring and confident. She took my case with less than a week notice. Cynthia went through hundreds of text and emails for my case and even met me on a Saturday. She was able to get my case dismissed. The office was very professional and made you feel confident that you were in good hands. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.


Cynthia is as good of a lawyer as you’ll see on any episode of Law & Order, How to Get Away with Murder, or any TV show. She is sharp, witty, comical, relentless, relational, and pays exceptional attention to detail.

2 months before I was set to graduate from college, I was falsely accused of sexually assaulting an acquaintance of mine. At first the false claims against me were only used to get me thrown out of my fraternity, which was hurtful but not 1000% destructive. Just after the sham fraternity hearing ended, I was informed by the Title IX office that I was under investigation for sexual assault. They told me that if I was found guilty, I could be suspended or expelled from my university, and potentially not be awarded the college degree I worked 4 years for. I was absolutely devastated. My mom and I knew nothing about Nashville defense attorneys, so I went on Google, found 7 different attorneys, and sent them pleading emails asking for guidance. Cynthia told me not to speak to anyone and told me to come to her office the very next day for a free consultation. When I got to her office, I was instantly comfortable. Cynthia’s office manager, Brooke, treated me with such kindness, instantly calming me. Cynthia met with me, asked for the whole story, and took a chance on me. Boy, am I glad. Over the next few months, Cynthia and her team spent countless hours helping me formulate my responses to Title IX, attended my meetings with me, talked to my family and school for me, and worked tirelessly to prove my innocence. Cynthia’s top paralegal, Jaimee, sharply inserted powerful suggestions and made sure that our work was flawless in both content and form. Davis, another lawyer on Cynthia’s team, thought outside the box and came up with a hugely important idea that turned the tide of the investigation 30 minutes before our biggest meeting. We walked into that meeting with over 80 pages of evidence in my defense, compared to about 15 for my accuser. Every angle was covered, and that is a credit to the entire team. One of the best parts about Sherwood Boutique Litigation is that you get the support of their small, yet fiercely feisty team.

Cynthia cares about her clients to her core. Sometimes in a lawyer this would be seen as a weakness, but with Cynthia it is her greatest strength. She went the extra mile for me countless times and made sure that my mental wellbeing was taken care of in addition to my case. Cynthia’s communication skills are almost otherworldly. She has the ability to be tough on someone and make them crack under pressure, but she also has the ability to sweetly cajole someone into telling the truth while making them feel so comfortable they don’t know what they just revealed. Most importantly, she has the tact to know when to employ each strategy. Cynthia can truly do it all. She persuades with emotional appeals, establishes credibility in a variety of ways, and builds her cases using mounds of evidence. She’s the furthest thing from a one trick pony!

Cynthia Sherwood is my advocate, my lawyer, and my friend. She cares about me as a human being and gave her entire heart, mind, and soul to my case. When I was found innocent, I screamed and cried with such joy, thanking God that He led me to Cynthia Sherwood. She saved my life, and if you make the decision to hire her when you’re in a jam, she just might save yours too.


I am extremely satisfied with the way that Sherwood Boutique Litigation handled my case. The entire team was very professional. My first meeting with Cynthia Sherwood went incredibly well. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable through the entire process. I felt that she had my best interest at heart. I left the meeting feeling confident that I would be satisfied with the outcome of the case. In the courtroom, Cynthia handled herself like a veteran. Her years of experience were quite evident. After two days in court, we won my case and I couldn’t have been any happier. Hiring an attorney was an unexpected expense for me, but having the support of a competent legal team is worth the money spent. If you’re looking for a competent legal team that can get you the results you need, Sherwood Boutique Litigation is the way to go.

Cedrina (a.k.a. Fit Doc)

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We serve all of the Nashville Metro area communities, which includes Davidson County and all the surrounding counties. However, we sometimes take larger criminal and/or civil cases, such as bank or investor fraud, that may involve litigating multiple states. Aside from the larger case exemption, the full list of TN communities we serve are listed below.

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