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Powerhouse Litigator

Sherwood Boutique Litigation (SBL) may hold the title of law firm but it is so much more. I was detained by US customs after returning from a vacation overseas. I had no idea I had a warrant for my arrest for an incident that happened a year prior. As I

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Unexpected Outcome!

I would like to thank Cynthia for staying on my case and contacting the right people to help my case. I think anyone that has ran into a problem if you want it solved give Cynthia a call. She is going to be up front and honest with you.

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Experienced And Knowledgeable

Cynthia is the best!! She is very experienced and knowledgeable and her cross examination skills are very impressive! She is very down to earth and understanding. Throughout my case she educated me and welcomed all questions and concerns I had about the process. I felt as though I wasn’t just

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Five Stars

Cynthia is wonderful! She embodies everything you want and need in a lawyer, intelligence, assertiveness, and power. From the moment we first met she made it known she was in my corner and helped me feel at ease. She has been with me through every step, always making sure I

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Effective and Diligent Criminal Defense Lawyer

Cynthia really came through for me in a big way! She always saw the big picture, even when I didn’t, and was super tolerant of my anxieties and incessant pestering regarding details throughout the lengthy proceedings. She really secured the best possible outcome for me. Thank you Cynthia, my life

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Knowledgeable And Compassionate

Cynthia Sherwood and her team are knowledgeable and compassionate! They have 2 decades of experience and know how to win. You can rest assure, there is light at the end of the tunnel when they are on your side.

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…Cynthia Sherwood is my advocate, my lawyer, and my friend. She cares about me as a human being and gave her entire heart, mind, and soul to my case. When I was found innocent, I screamed and cried with such joy, thanking God that He led me to Cynthia Sherwood. She saved my life, and if you make the decision to hire her when you’re in a jam, she just might save yours too.
-Ken N.

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